Lt. Gilmore is an investigator with the Los Angeles Police Department's Officer Involved Shooting division.

In January of 2002, he questioned Harry Bosch in the self-inflicted shooting of police officer Julia Brasher. In particular he questioned Bosch's version of events because she was presumably holstering her weapon in order to handcuff Johnny Stokes, but the entry wound was in her left shoulder. Gilmore says this doesn't make sense and Bosch agrees. Gilmore would have preferred an explanation that involved Stokes trying to take the gun away from Brasher, making Brasher a hero, but that is not what Bosch saw. Gilmore is also very critical of Bosch's decision to remove Stokes from the scene and transport him to an interview room at Hollywood Division. The interview was being observed from another room by Asst. Chief Irvin Irving.

During the interview, Bosch noted that Gilmore was using a pencil to take notes. Bosch believed this was done to make it easier to change the notes later to fit whatever outcome the department leadership wanted.


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