Giuseppe Marconi (d. 7 Sept 1996) – also known as "Joseph Marconi" and "Joey Marks" – was a member of the Chicago Outfit who ran the organization's operations in Las Vegas, Nevada until the mid-1990s. In the 1970s, he shattered the knuckles of a lounge magician that he felt had made a fool of him. He employed Luke Goshen as manager of Dolly's strip club, and he had a business arrangement with Anthony Aliso for laundering money. He had Capt. John Felton on his payroll in order to exert some control over the LVPD. When Aliso was killed in L.A., Goshen was arrested as the prime suspect, triggering a series of events that threatened Marconi's operation. Marconi attempted to bribe Harry Bosch into giving up Goshen so he couldn't talk to the police. When that didn't work, he had Eleanor Wish abducted and held in a safe house outside Las Vegas in an effort to threaten Bosch. However, Bosch rescued Wish.

Marconi then had Felton abduct Veronica Aliso in order to get $2 million from Aliso's safe deposit box at a Silver State National Bank branch. Marconi, Felton and Veronica came to the bank in Marconi's white limousine on 7 September 1996. In a wild shootout, Marconi was shot and killed in his limo by LAPD officer Ray Powers.

Following Marconi's death, Tony Turcello took over control of the Outfit's operations in Las Vegas.


Marconi, whose named is changed to Armenian mobster Joe Markarian, is played by ... in the second season of the streaming series Bosch.

Markarian was later shot to death by officer Nick Riley outside a branch of the First National Pacific Bank on 3 August 2015.


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