"God Sees"
Season 3, Episode 3
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Release date April 21, 2017
Written by Tom Bernardo
Directed by Alex Zakrzewski
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"God Sees" is the third episode of the third season of the streaming series Bosch, and the twenty third episode of the series.

The episode premiered on Amazon Instant Video along with the rest of the third season on 21 April 2017.

The episode is rated TV-MA for "adult content, adult language," and "graphic violence," and derives its title the quote found on the owl at the crime scene.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Teaser[edit | edit source]

Harry collects his surveillance equipment from the parking garage overlooking Ed Gunn's apartment complex following Gunn's murder. He breaks into the apartment crime scene to retrieve a camera from

Act One[edit | edit source]

Bosch calls Edgar who fakes a family emergency to explain his absence. Edgar is actually at SID tasking a tech, Miguel, with an off book investigation into the camera, having retrieved it from Gunn's apartment after becoming suspicious when Harry's fingerprints were found on a glass at the crime scene.

Bosch speaks to Ferras about Meadows.

Pierce and Robertson interview Gunn's sister.

Irving returns to his marital home to find most of the possessions he shared with his estranged wife Constance Irving boxed and ready for removal. Connie comes downstairs and shows Irv photos she has found. She explains that she

Bosch and Edgar regroup at the office. Edgar has found details of Meadows' former brothers-in-arms online. Edgar has identified Trevor Dobbs as Meadows' commanding officer for his Iraq tour. Bosch goes to interview Dobbs while Edgar remains in the office waiting for callbacks.

Fowkkes and Tafero meet at Ales' residence to discuss the case against them. Fowkkes tasks Tafero with protecting their client from the damaging testimony of Annabelle Crowe.

Bosch visits Dobbs at home and he feigns shock about the death. Dobbs tells Bosch about Meadows' drug use, explaining that he reached the stage that he needed to get high to go on patrol. Dobbs reveals that his private security firm is a defense department contractor, explaining that Meadows was not fit enough to work for them but that he gave him money and put him in touch with the veteran's administration about two years earlier.

Bosch interviews Ray Scales at the VA. Scales is intially stand-offish but softens when he learns of Bosch's service history. He gives Bosch a line on Meadows' girlfriend Helen Archer.

Scott Anderson calls the office looking for Bosch and Edgar fields the call in his absence. Anderson explains that he is writing a piece on the Gunn murder and wants Bosch to comment. Edgar deflects the reporter saying that Bosch is in the field and Anderson asserts that he has a deadline of that night.

Bosch finishes his day with a rendezvous with Anita Benitez at her place. As they get re-dressed she suggests setting up a dinner with Madeline Bosch so they can be properly introduced. She calls out Bosch when his reaction is unenthusiastic and jokes with him about his reluctance.

Bosch prepares take out for dinner with Maddie and is frustrated when she refuses to end a video call with her friend Becca Gentry. As they eventually sit down together at the dining table Woodrow "Woody" Wilson observes them from the street.

Act Two[edit | edit source]

Edge and Powers pick up Sharkey and bring him in for questioning.

Bosch and Edgar interview Helen Archer about Meadows. She relays that they had minimal contact in recent months and that Meadows addiction to heroin was dominating his life when she last saw him. She contradicts Dobbs assertion that Meadows has not worked as a private military contractor. She bitterly blames his friend Woody for filling his head with ideas of further contracts.

As Edgar and Bosch return to the station Edge and Powers let them know they have placed Sharkey in interview room 1. Edgar hangs back to make a call - he is trying to reach Rick Jackson. Sharkey wrongly assumes he has been picked up for scamming homosexual Johns. Bosch silently redirects the conversation with a photo of Meadows' RV. Sharkey claims he does not know the vehicle but Bosch asserts that they know Sharkey was there on the night of the shooting from the unfinished tag.

Irving fields a phone call about a potential job opportunity.

Sharkey admits that he saw a black SUV pull up to the underpass but claims that he did not see the driver and does not reveal that he entered the RV before fleeing the scene. Bosch leaves the strong willed street kid with a can of cola.

Dobbs leads a live fire exercise with his squad members Woody and Xavier Moreno. Woody shoots a more distant target than the one Dobbs called to show off and the group mess with one another as they prepare for the next set of targets.

Bosch drives Sharkey back to his allocated youth home and reveals that he had a similar upbringing, spending time in the McClaren Institute. Sharkey is interested in Bosch's escape attempts.

Woody relays his findings from surveilling Bosch and complains that the assignment is boring him. Dobbs orders his men to switch phones and avoid spending any money except in cash.

At the office Crate and Barrel needle Bosch about Anderson's piece in the LA Times, noting that the reporter already has details from the autopsy report regarding ante-mortem bruising. Captain Lewis orders Bosch to roll down his sleeves to cover his tattoos as she passes him in the office.

Edgar meets with an art expert about the significance of the owl and the inscription he found in Gunn's home.

Bosch reaches out to Luke Goshen in the FBI for help getting classified information about Meadows unit and possible activity as a private military contractor.

Edgar interviews Jackson about the Gunn case, sharing his concerns that Harry may have crossed a line. Jackson is supportive of Harry but happy to keep the conversation private.

That night Bosch finds an escort website advertising Crowe's likeness under the alias Leah Camille. He calls to make an appointment.

Edgar meets Billets for coffee to talk through what he has found out on the Gunn case so far. They conclude that someone has to approach Harry. Edgar volunteers and Billets counsels him not to wait.

Crowe meets with Tafero at a hotel - he has also found out about her escort work.

Act Three[edit | edit source]

Bosch tracks down Benitez to give her the bad news about their witness.

Edgar calls Bosch in the field to relay that he has identified Woody as Woodrow but backs out of talking about the Gunn case. Bosch has driven out to the Shelburn group home to take Sharkey back to the scene of the shooting.

The Korea Town Killer takes another victim, approaching a woman as she is returning to her car, shooting her in the chest and taking her jewellery and vehicle.

The desk clerk at the Shelburn informs Bosch that Sharkey has already run away. Woody continues to trail Bosch as he continues his work.

Irving visits the scene of the KTK shooting and Detective Brad Conniff walks him through the scene. Irving later visits the family to give his condolences, meeting a crisis response team volunteer named Jun Park who helps to interpret for him.

Bosch visits the bail bondsman who got Gunn out of the drunk tank. He did not take a name from the woman who posted the bond but noted that she was wearing a red cocktail dress and heels, as though she had been out all night.

Robertson interviews Shaz, the bartender at the Smog Cutter, about the night of Gunn's death. She tells him about the man buying Gunn drinks.

Act Four[edit | edit source]

Bosch clocks Woody surveilling his house and goes to approach his SUV. Woody is getting stoned but spots Bosch in his mirror as he walks up and tries to crush him behind the car and drive off. Bosch gives chase but Woody is able to switch cars at a parking garage and escape in a yellow mini.

Bosch returns home to find Maddie asleep and elects not to wake her.

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Opening Credits[edit | edit source]

  1. Laura Schiff CSA - Casting
  2. Carrie Audino CSA - Casting
  3. Helen Geier CSA - Casting
  4. Jesse Voccia - Music
  5. Titus Welliver - Producer
  6. Jeffrey Fiskin - Consulting Producer
  7. Elle Johnson - Co-Executive Producer
  8. Daniel Pyne - Executive Producer
  9. Henrik Pabst - Executive Producer
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  12. Henrik Bastin - Executive Producer
  13. Michael Connelly - Executive Producer
  14. Eric Overmyer - Executive Producer
  15. Michael Connelly - Based on the books by
  16. Eric Overmyer - Developer
  17. Tom Bernardo - Writer
  18. Alex Zakrzewski - Director

Closing Credits[edit | edit source]

  • Mark Douglas - Producer
  • Jamie Boscardin Martin - Co-Producer
  • Tom Bernardo - Co-Producer
  • Francesco Tignini - Unit Production Manager
  • Trey Bachelor - First Assistant Director
  • Robert Parker Clemente - Second Assistant Director
  • Michael McDonough, ASC - Director of Photography
  • Chester Kaczenski - Production Designer
  • Jacque Toberen - Editor
  • Monique Adams - Costume Designer
  • Paul Schreiber - Supervising Location Manager
  • Marc Dabe - Art Director
  • Betty Berberian - Set Decorator
  • Elizabeth Marighetto - Script Supervisor
  • Tim Marcia - Technical Consultant
  • Mitzi Roberts - Technical Consultant

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Episode[edit | edit source]

  • "(Bosch 3x03)"
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