Graciela Rivers is the widow of Terry McCaleb, the mother of Cielo McCaleb, the sister of Gloria Torres, the aunt of Raymond Torres. She was an emergency-room nurse at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center at the time she met McCaleb. Gloria and Raymond lived with Graciela at the time Gloria was murdered. After Gloria's death, Graciela had custody of Raymond and tried to raise him as her own son.

In April of 1998, she approached former FBI profiler Terry McCaleb, who had received Gloria's heart in a transplant after Gloria died in February of 1998, to ask that he take up the investigation into Gloria's murder. In the process she fell in love with McCaleb and they began a relationship. She assisted McCaleb's investigation by introducing him to Gloria's co-workers and, more importantly, by helping him get into the BOPRA system in an effort to find out who might have benefited from Gloria's death. When McCaleb began to close in on the killer, she and Raymond were kidnapped and held hostage in a remote spot in Baja. They were rescued unharmed by McCaleb.

In mid-1998, she married McCaleb, and moved with him and Raymond to Avalon Bay on Catalina Island. In October of 2000, she gave birth to her daughter. She was hired as school nurse and office clerk at Catalina Elementary School, although she would have preferred to be a full-time mother. She was concerned about Terry's need to stay involved in investigating murders, and it was a source of friction between them. She also became dissatisfied with living on the island.

After her husband died in the Spring of 2004, she hired retired LAPD detective Harry Bosch to investigate the circumstances of Terry's death. Following the conclusion of the case, she and the children moved back to the mainland and she went back to her old job at the hospital. She leased her husband's boat to Buddy Lockridge.


In the 2002 film, Rivers was played by Wanda De Jesus. In the book Graciela said she did not like being protrayed as a waitress. She was a nurse and proud of it.


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