Gretchen Alexander (b. 1972) is the daughter of Jennifer Gilroy, the granddaughter of Dorothy Alexander, and a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada. She has brown hair with blonde highlights, a full figure, dark eyes and full lips.

In the mid-1990s, she danced under the stagename of Layla at Dolly's, where she met Anthony Aliso. They began an affair, perhaps unaware the she was his step-daughter. Aliso apparently fell in love with her, and it may have been mutual. In September 1996, Harry Bosch wanted to question her in the murder of Aliso because his last phone call had been to her. She had been fired by Dolly's reportedly for fighting with other dancers. Before Aliso was murdered, he transferred several million dollars in cash from his own safe-deposit box to one owned by Alexander at the Silver State National Bank in Las Vegas. The day after she learned of Aliso's death, she took all the cash from the box and fled.

Shortly after, she was spotted in Hawaii by LAPD detective Harry Bosch and former FBI agent Eleanor Wish. Bosch considered reporting her to authorities but decided to honor her mother's last wish and leave her alone.


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