Dr. Hannah Stone is the mother of Shawn Stone, and the rehabilitation program director at Buena Vista Apartments in Panorama City in Los Angeles.

She was married for a time, but she divorced her husband in the early-2000s and went to work at Buena Vista in 2008. On 3 October 2011, she was interviewed by LAPD cold-case detectives David Chu and Harry Bosch concerning one of her patients, Clayton Pell. She facilitated Pell's assistance to the detectives in tracking Chilton Hardy. She also opened Bosch's eyes to the value of psychotherapy and counseling for ex-cons.

Stone began dating Bosch while the case was still ongoing. It was a little rocky at first because of Stone's obsession about the origins of evil, especially in relation to her son. However, the two continued their romantic relationship for some time. In 2012 Bosch asked Stone to stay with Maddie for a few days while he went to Stanislaus County on the Anneke Jesperson case. She agreed to stay with Maddie but she made it clear that she was not content to be simply Maddie's babysitter. It is not known whether she was aware that her son had filed a formal complaint against Bosch for his visit to San Quentin.

By 2014 she and Bosch had split up because he had declined to support her son's bid for parole.


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