In 1998 Bosch and Edgar investigated the case of an alleged suicide which Bosch later determined to be a murder. An unnamed victim was killed in her apartment on Franklin near La Brea. The killer set it up to look like a suicide by spiking her orange juice with pain pills and cutting her wrists after she was unconscious. There was even what appeared to be a suicide note. However, Bosch noticed that the victim had hardboiled eggs in her refrigerator on which she had written they date she boiled them - the same day she was killed. Bosch reasoned that it didn't make sense, it was a loose end, which led to the arrest of her apartment manager. He had been stalking her and had stolen her diary. He tore a page from the diary that sounded like a suicide note. The L.A. Times wrote it up giving it the name Hardboiled Egg Case, making Bosch somewhat famous again. Bosch told the story to Chastain as they were beginning to work together on the Angels Flight case. Janis Langwiser was the prosecutor who filed charges in the Hardboiled Egg case. She would also become involved in the Angels Flight case a short time later.

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