Harvey Walling was the father of Rachel Walling. He was a Baltimore cop and his partner was Dan Bledsoe. He was a single parent to Rachel after his wife left him. Bledsoe suspected that Harvey may have molested Rachel when she became a teenager.

One morning Harvey was found by Rachel with a gunshot wound to the head. It looked like suicide but there were many inconsistencies. There was no note. Rachel said she heard the gunshot but was afraid and did not go downstairs until an hour later. Harvey was fully dressed as if he was going out, including wearing gloves. His bed had not been slept in. Bledsoe told Jack McEvoy that he believed Rachel had shot her father to end the molestation. However, the suicide setup would have been very difficult for a teenager to plan and carry out. The modus operandi has a strong resemblance to the Poet, but there was no poem and this would have been very early in the Poet's life.

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