Henry Lau (b. 9 Sept 1982) is a screenwriter, and resident of 18 Quarterdeck, Unit 11, Venice, California. In 2009, he wrote the screenplay for a film of the Louis Roulet trial starring Matthew McConaughey.

Lau grew up in San Francisco and attended the University of Southern California from 2000 to 2004, where he was roommates with Robert Li and Eugene Lam. While at USC Lau bought a Glock Model 19 handgun for protection. It appears that he never had a need for it. After moving to Venice he kept the loaded gun in a lockbox inside a drawer in his bedroom.

Lau frequently played poker with Li and Lam at his house. Both Li and Lam knew that Lau still had the Glock, they knew where he kept it and they knew where he kept the key to the box. At one poker game Lam stole the pistol and used it to murder John Li. Lam then replaced the gun in the cabinet so that Lau was never aware that it had been taken. However, the bullets that had been used to kill Li still had Lau's fingerprints on them from the last time he loaded the weapon. Electrostatic enhancement allowed the fingerprint to be read, leading Harry Bosch and David Chu to investigate Lau. In the course of interviewing Lau, Bosch realized the connection between Lau, Li and Lam.


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