Herbert Dahl is a producer of B-level movies in L.A. In 2011 was working on a movie and he needed more money. He got a loan from a person with ties to Louis Opparizio. When Dahl was unable to repay the loan he was instructed to get close to Lisa Trammel. When she was arrested for the murder of Mitchell Bondurant, Dahl was give the money to bail her out. Why this was done is very unclear as Opparizio would have no motivation to keep Trammel out of jail. In any case, Dahl approached her about a movie based on her case. She signed a contract with him even though she had already signed a similar agreement with her attorney, Mickey Haller. Dahl then went looking for a studio to make the film.

An article in Deadline Hollywood stated that Archway Pictures had bought the rights to the movie from Dahl. Archway producer Clegg McReynolds stated that he was thinking of casting Matthew McConaughey in the role of Mickey Haller.

When Trammel was acquitted, Haller told Dahl that he would not be getting back the bail money that he put up for her. Dahl faded away after that.

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