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Ferras is played by Nicholas Gonzalez in the adaptation Bosch.

Ignacio "Iggy" Ferras (b. 1977; d. 17 Sept 2009) was a Cuban-American detective with the Los Angeles Police Department Homicide Special squad, and the partner of detective Harry Bosch from 2007 to 2009. He was married with three children, two of whom were twins. The family lived in Diamond Bar, about an hour east of L.A.

He was described as having mocha skin, short-cropped hair, and piercing green eyes. He was very physically fit, with an athleteic body, and won an award for being the academy's top achiever in physical conditioning and testing. He was 30 years old when he started working with Harry Bosch, married less than a year and expecting their first baby.

Their first case together was the murder of Dr. Stanley Kent. Ferras quickly became uncomfortable with Harry's lack of communication and tendency to ignore standard procedure. He was especially disturbed by an incident at the Kent home in which Bosch assaulted and handcuffed an FBI agent, Clifford Maxwell, who was attempting to keep them out. Iggy said Harry didn't want a partner, he wanted a gofer, and he said he would be asking for a new partner.

When it became clear that Dr. Kent was murdered by Alicia Kent and Maxwell, Ferras met Bosch and Rachel Walling at building where Mrs. Kent was being held. There was a shootout in which Ferras severely wounded Maxwell. Ferras was also wounded but less seriously. After the shooting Ferras had nine months of physical therapy before returning to work.

Despite their previous difficulties, Ferras and Bosch remained partners. By 2009 they had been partners for three years. But Iggy was being hounded by his wife on a daily basis to come home early and give her some help with their three children. In addition, Ferras had become more reluctant to go out in the field, possibly as a result of his injury. He preferred to stay in the office and do paperwork, which he was very good at. He was a master of writing warrant applications and never had one turned down. Bosch appreciated Ferras's writing skill but he also wanted a partner who would work with him in the field and who was committed to the mission. In the murder case of John Li, Ferras stayed in the office while Bosch worked with David Chu. On 17 September 2009, Ferras attempted to single-handedly arrest Robert Li for the murder of his father, despite Bosch's orders to wait for backup. Robert's sister Mia-ling Li got behind Ferras and shot him four times in the back.


Ferras is played by Nicholas Gonzalez in the Amazon streaming series Bosch. Ferras is a recurring character appearing in "Trunk Music", the second season premiere, and the third season episode "God Sees."