Jack H. Dorsey (b. 1951; d. 6 Apr 2000) was a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department's Robbery-Homicide Division, and the partner of detective Lawton Cross.

In May of 1999, he and Cross investigated the murder of Angella Benton. They were looking into the possibility that Benton's murder was related to the armed robbery of $2 million from a movie set that occurred four days later. They worked both cases for several months, even having an office at Archway Pictures for about a month.

Somehow Cross and Dorsey became involved with Linus Simonson in a conspiracy to cover up the murder and robbery. They became concerned about their safety when an FBI crime analyst called Dorsey to say she had found an anomaly in the serial number of one of the bills that was reportedly stolen. This alarmed Dorsey who discussed the danger with his partner. To protect themselves, Dorsey and Cross kidnapped and killed the FBI agent and buried her, along with her laptop computer, in a remote area of Griffith Park. Their intent was that this would provide them with protection from Simonson. It didn't work.

Instead, on 6 April 2000, Simonson shot and killed Dorsey at Nat's Bar where he was having lunch with Cross. In fact, the two were waiting to meet with Simonson who shot both officers, killing Dorsey and the bartender and paralyzing Cross.


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