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Jack Karch (d. 1999) – also known as "Jack of Spades" – was a private investigator in Las Vegas. He was raised by a man known as Amazing Karch, but his actual parentage is somewhat unclear. His biological father may have been casino manager Vincent Grimaldi.

In 1994, he was tipped by Jersey Paltz that Max Freeling had targeted a guest at the Cleopatra Casino and Resort, and arranged a sting operation that resulted in Freeling's death in a fall from suite 2001. Partly as a result of that incident, Karch was under the control of Grimaldi.

In late 1999, he was called in by Grimaldi to investigate the death of Manuel Hidalgo, which he discovered was connected to Cassie Black by way of Paltz. He tracked Black to Los Angeles through Paltz's connection to Leo Renfro, and attempted to retrieve a briefcase of money taken from Hidalgo by Black. When Cassie escaped, Karch kidnapped Black's birth-daughter, Jodie Shaw, and took the girl to suite 2001 of the Cleopatra where he arranged to trade the child for the money.

Black set out to rescue the girl and managed to work a con on Karch that disrupted his plan. Then, in a struggle Karch fell to his death from suite 2001 to the gambling floor of the Cleopatra.