James "Jim" Cordell (b. 1968; d. 22 Jan 1998) was the husband of Amelia Cordell, and a resident of Desert Flower Estates in Lancaster, California. He worked as a structural engineer for a company that contracted with the State of California to maintain the aqueduct that delivers water from the central valley to the southern part of the state. He drove a white Chevy Suburban

On 22 January 1998, he was shot to death by an unknown assailant at an ATM, and was found minutes later by James Noone. He died at the scene when an ambulance was dispatched to the wrong address, arriving at the scene nearly ten minutes later. His murder was investigated by Sheriff's detectives Ritenbaugh and Aguilar.

In April of 1998, former FBI profiler Terry McCaleb learned that Cordell had been targeted because his blood group was the rare AB with CMV negative. This linked Cordell's murder with three others, all of whom had the same blood type. It became clear that Cordell's murder was not a simple robbery. This fact, along with other evidence, led to the identification of his killer.


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