Janis Langwiser was a junior prosecutor in the District Attorney's Office. She had previously worked in the City Attorney's Office. She first met Harry Bosch in connection with the Hardboiled Egg Case. She lived in the Antelope Valley region of northeastern LA county.

In April of 1999, she provided legal counsel to LAPD detectives Bosch, Kizmin Rider, Jerry Edgar and John Chastain during the investigation into the murders of Howard Elias and Catalina Perez. Specifically, she insisted on the appointment of a Special Master to control police access to files pertaining to Elias' litigation against the department, thus bringing Carla Entrenkin into the case.

In January of 2001, she served as co-prosecutor with Roger Kretzler in the murder trial of David Storey. She was second seat but handled the questioning of Bosch which was the centerpiece of the prosecution case.

In late 2001 or early 2002, she left the D.A.'s office and went to work as a criminal defense attorney for Smith, Levin, Colvin & Enriquez. She works under James Foreman, a partner in the firm. In September of 2002, she was hired to advise industrialist Henry Pierce.

In October of 2002, she was visited by a recently-retired Bosch, who asked her to represent him. He gave her a computer memory card and 3 CDs with sensitive files and instructions to deliver the files to reporter Josh Meyer if anything happened to Bosch. Per Bosch's instructions, Langwiser emailed the video to John Peoples. The video would be highly embarrassing to the FBI and Department of Homeland Security if it became public. Bosch expected the federal agencies to try to capture him, so he made arrangements with Langwiser to call her every night to ensure his safety. He also expected them to attempt to steal the memory card. The FBI broke into her office but did not find the memory card. Bosch had set up a surveillance camera in Langwiser's office, giving them video of the break-in. Langwiser negotiated with with Peoples to have the federal agencies back off Bosch in return for keeping the two videos secret.


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