Jasmine "Jazz" Corian is an artist and a resident of Florida. Until 1988, she was involved in an abusive relationship, and that year she killed the man when he attempted to rape her for the second time in one night.

After the death of her father, Jasmine set about selling his Venice house in Pelican Cove. In April of 1994, LAPD detective Harry Bosch answered an ad that Jasmine had put in the newspaper for the house, and she showed Bosch the house before determining that he wasn't actually interested in buying.

Corian encountered Bosch later in the day, and learned that he had in fact used her ad as a means of entering the gated community in order to meet with another resident. Rather than being offended, Corian invited Bosch in and the two talked and drank before going out to dinner at The Sandbar. Corian subsequently invited Bosch back to her apartment, and the two had sex. She chose not to tell Bosch about her past.

Bosch stayed an extra day in Florida to spend time with Corian, and agreed to call her and return as soon as his job would allow. She next saw Bosch later in the month when he returned to Florida after resolving his private investigation into his mother's death.


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