Jennifer "Bullocks" Aronson (b. 1986) is a criminal defense attorney working in Los Angeles, and an associate of Mickey Haller. She attended the University of California at Santa Barbara, then graduated from Southwestern Law School which is located in the former Bullocks Building in Los Angeles, leading to her nickname. Before working for Haller she interned with Shandler, Massey and Ortiz. Although she did not graduate from a prestigious law school, she is a competent and ambitious young attorney who is learning the ropes from Haller. He cautions her often to not grow a conscience, but she has difficulty following his advice.

In March 2011 she handled the preliminary hearing for Lisa Trammel because Haller was injured. She was a witness in the trial, testifying about Trammel's foreclosure case. At the end of the case she told Haller that she would prefer to stick with foreclosures. Her first venture into criminal law was both illuminating and discouraging.

Nevertheless, in November 2012 she was becoming bored with foreclosures and was interested in trying criminal law again. Haller turned over the Leonard Watts case to her after he forced a mistrial. She negotiated a plea bargain which he accepted. She also negotiated a deal for Deirdre Ramsey. By this time Haller referred to her more often by her first name rather than Bullocks.

In April 2015 she went with Harry Bosch to speak with Da'Quan Foster in county jail. She was filling in for Haller who was in jail on a DUI. She had no further involvement in the case.


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