Jennifer Gilroy (d. Sept 1996) was the daughter of Dorothy Alexander, the wife of Anthony Aliso, and the mother of Gretchen Alexander. She was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, and eventually took a job as a dancer at Dolly's where she met Aliso, a film producer who convinced her to move to Los Angeles and act in his films.

She married Aliso in 1978, and took the name Veronica, starring in the noir film Casualty of Desire, as well as another of her husband's productions. She lived under the name Veronica while living with Aliso in the exclusive, gated Hidden Highlands area of Los Angeles. At the time of her husband's murder she was 40 years of age with dark, straight hair and attractive but starting to show her age. She wore an excessive amount of makeup to compensate.

After meeting Ray Powers, she conspired with him to kill her husband in order to get the money he had hidden in his safe-deposit box. Gilroy had a second motive - her husband was involved in an affair with Gilroy's daughter who was a stripper in Las Vegas using the name Layla. Gilroy and Powers planted evidence that would lead police to suspect that the murder of Aliso was a mob hit by his Las Vegas associates. As a backup plan, she also planted evidence in Powers' home to direct all suspicion toward him.

After Harry Bosch realized that the mob connection was false, he turned his attention to Gilroy and Powers. In September of 1996, she was questioned by Bosch, Jerry Edgar and Kizmin Rider regarding the murder of her husband. Bosch devised a plan to test Gilroy's guilt by suggesting to her that there might have been money left behind at the murder site in her husband's overnight bag. She sent Powers to look for the money, resulting in his arrest.

When Gilroy's plan began to falter, she was abducted by Capt. John Felton and taken to Las Vegas. She had Felton stop at the Mirage casino to pick up some winnings her husband had not collected. This alerted Bosch to her whereabouts. Felton and Gilroy proceeded to open her husband's safe-deposit box at Silver State National Bank where they believed Tony Aliso had stashed $2 million in cash. They found the box empty. The FBI had the bank under surveillance, and so did Powers. In the resulting shoot-out, Gilroy was shot and killed by Powers. Gilroy's last words were to Det. Bosch to let her daughter go.


Gilroy, whose stagename is changed to Veronica Allen and whose real name is changed to Jessica Gilroy, was played by Jeri Ryan in the second season of the streaming series Bosch.


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