Jerry Solomon is a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department's Homicide Special unit, and the partner of Detective Glanville. He and his partner are often referred to as "Crate and Barrel" due to their widening dimensions. Solomon is the senior partner.

On 3 October 2011, he and his partner got the callout in the death of George Irving at the Chateau Marmont Hotel on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Their initial reaction was that it looked like a suicide. Once Irvin Irving was notified of his son's death he insisted that detectives David Chu and Harry Bosch be assigned to the case, even though they were in the Open-Unsolved Unit. Solomon and Glanville were told to assist Bosch and Chu. They did not like having the case taken away from them and being subservient to Bosch. They complained that investigating the possibility of homicide was a waste of time, and they did a half-assed job of the tasks that Bosch assigned to them.



In the television adaptation Bosch the character is renamed Detective Moore but retains the nickname "Crate". He is shot and almost killed by Raynard Waits in his escape. He is played by Gregory Scott Cummins.

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