Jesse Mitford was a young man from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada . In 2007 at 20 years of age he hitchhiked to Los Angeles. While there he bought a map to stars' homes and walked to a house formerly owned by Madonna with the intention of getting her autograph for his mother. He found the house unoccupied and decided to spend the night outdoors next to the home. At around 8:00 p.m. he was awakened by voices. He observed three cars in the overlook next to the house. One was Dr. Stanley Kent's Porsche Carrera. He could not identify the other two vehicles. He observed that there were two people, one of whom stayed in a vehicle. He heard two gunshots and saw Dr. Kent kneeling on the ground, then pitching forward face first. Either the shooter or the victim said something unintelligible right before the shots were fired. One of the vehicles drove away. The other backed up to the Porsche and removed something heavy.

Mitford was found by Ignacio Ferras, then interviewed by Harry Bosch, at which time he provided the above version of events. In order to ensure Mitford's availability for further questioning, Bosch and Ferras placed Mitford in a room at the Mark Twain Hotel under the name Stephen King. He offered no further testimony and had no further role in the case.

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