Dr. Jesus "Sally" Salazar is a medical examiner with the Los Angeles Police Department.

He first met LAPD patrolman Harry Bosch in 1974 in the aftermath of the Symbionese shootout in South-Central. Bosch was a patrolman guarding the site. Salazar spent three days searching for the remains of Patricia Hearst and found no sign that she was in the house when it burned.

He performed the autopsy on Billy Meadows's body on 20 May 1991 at the ME headquarters in County-USC Hospital. He found a puncture wound with burned tissue in Meadow's chest that he determined was caused by a stun gun with a deeply penetrating electrode. His opinion was that this was not the cause of death but indicated torture of Meadows shortly before his death. He also noted Meadow's broken finger which occurred post-mortem.

He performed the autopsy on Juan Doe #67 on 24 December 1992, shortly before leaving Los Angeles for a vacation in Australia.

He was later involved in a motorcycle crash and took a nine-month medical leave, after which he returned to work in a wheelchair. In October of 1996, he performed the autopsy on Anthony Aliso, finding among other things that Aliso had been pepper-sprayed before he was killed.


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