Jocelyn Jones was an employee of BankLA in the late 1990s. She is of African-American ancestry. Not much more is known about her background.

In May of 1999, she and Linus Simonson were assigned to count and record the serial numbers from 800 one-hundred-dollar bills from a shipment of cash being delivered for use as a prop in an action film. She and Simonson would take turns either reading the serial numbers or entering them in the computer. She was not aware that Simonson was planning to steal the money and that he had substituted a list of bogus serial numbers.

Some time after the robbery, she was promoted to manager of the West Hollywood branch at Santa Monica Boulevard and San Vicente. In 2002 she was visited by Harry Bosch who had questions about the serial numbers. She told Bosch about Simonson's activities since the robbery. She gave Bosch a copy of the LA Times Magazine which contained an article about Simonson and his business partners.


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