Joe Felton was a medical examiner who worked the murder of Dr. Stanley Kent. He was already onsite when detective Harry Bosch arrived at about midnight, and he told Bosch that the victim had been dead roughly four hours, putting the time of death at about 8 p.m. He also noted that the victim had been shot twice in the back of the head as he was kneeling on the ground, execution-style. Death was essentially instantaneous. The gun was small caliber and the bullets did not pass all the way through the head.

The next day Felton called Bosch to tell him that a man had come into the Queen of Angels Hospital emergency room with Acute Radiation Syndrome. Felton recalled that there was some concern about radioactive cesium in relation to the Kent case, leading him to call Bosch. This call and Bosch's follow-up broke the case open.

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