Cpt. John Felton (d. 7 Sept 1996) was a commanding officer with the Las Vegas Metro Police, as well as an associate of Joseph Marconi. While giving the appearance of fighting crime in Las Vegas, he was actually an integral member of the mob's operations in the area.

In September of 1996, he met LAPD detective Harry Bosch when Bosch visited Las Vegas to investigate the murder of Anthony Aliso. Felton led a raid on the home of Luke Goshen in which Bosch found the Aliso murder weapon behind the toilet in Goshen's bathroom.

When Felton learned that Aliso may have stashed up to $2 million in his safe-deposit box at Silver State National Bank, he abducted Veronica Aliso from her home and forced her to accompany him to open the box. He used the alias John Galvin at this time. On the way to the bank, Veronica had Felton stop at the Mirage casino to pick up some gambling winnings her husband had not collected. Felton and Veronica arrived at the bank along with Marconi in his white limousine. The Bank was under surveillance by the FBI and Veronica's partner in crime, LAPD officer Ray Powers. In the resulting shoot-out, Felton was shot and killed by Powers.


Felton was played by Sean Blakemore in the second season of the streaming series Bosch.


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