John Peoples is a Special Agent with the FBI.

In October of 2002, he attempted to convince retired LAPD Harry Bosch to abandon his private investigation into the 1999 death of Angella Benton when the murder case appeared to intersect with an FBI national security case. At one point he had federal agents pick up Bosch, cuff him, and take him to a holding cell in the FBI's building in Westwood. He also had agents break into Bosch's house and remove all of his files relating to the Benton case. Bosch was later released and was not deterred by Peoples' intimidation tactics. Bosch was able to get surveillance videos of federal agents involved in illegal interrogation and breaking into an attorney's office. Bosch had copies of the videos sent to Peoples who finally agreed to return the Benton files to Bosch in return for non-disclosure of the incriminating videos.


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