Jordy Gant is a detective with the Gang Enforcement Detail of the Los Angeles Police Department's South Bureau.

In 2012, he was visited by detective Harry Bosch regarding Rollin 60s Crips gang member Trumont Story. They discussed the fact that there were three murders committed with the same gun - Anneke Jesperson, Walter Regis, and Story. The gun in question was a Beretta Model 92. Gant's theory about the murder of Regis was that someone near the top of the pyramid in the Rolin' 60s gave the order to Story who then gave the order and the gun to Rufus Coleman. His theory about the murder of Story was that it was an inside job, a power grab by an ambitious member of the gang who wanted to move up.

Gant accompanied Bosch to the home of Gail Briscoe, where Story had previously lived. Gant got Briscoe to let him in, and she gave him the gun from its hiding place under the washing machine. This allowed Bosch to trace the gun to Jesperson's killer.


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