Jose´ Esquivel Sr. and Jose´ Esquivel Jr. were the father and son owners of La Familia Farmacia in San Fernando. In 2017 they were murdered in a manner that was meant to look like a robbery. Two months prior to the killing, Jose´ Jr. had sent an email to the Medical Board of California stating that a clinic in Pacoima was over-prescribing oxycodone and that he intended to stop filling prescriptions from that clinic. However, the father was fearful of taking any action against the clinic. Jose´ Jr.'s complaint had been referred to Jerry Edgar to investigate, but he had not initiated the investigation by the time of the murders.

Investigation by the San Fernando Police, including Harry Bosch, revealed that the clinic in question was part of a larger plot to acquire large amounts of opiod drugs from pharmacies and to sell those drugs on the street. The murder of the two pharmacists was carried out by the drug dealers in retaliation for Jose´ Jr.'s communication to the medical board.

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