Lt. Joseph Feltzer heads a team of detectives with the LAPD's Force Investigation Division. FID looks into every case in which an officer is involved in the death of a civilian. Renée Ballard and John Jenkins had dealt with Feltzer previously, and they believed he was fair and honest. On an unspecified date in 2017 Feltzer investigated the death of Thomas Trent at the hands of Ballard.

For unknown reasons, Feltzer had decided to criticize Ballard's actions in the Trent case. It is possible that he was pressured to do so by his superiors in the department, but it is also possible that this was his own decision for his own personal reasons. In addition, Feltzer had decided to leak certain facts to the L.A. Times in order to put Ballard in a bad light with the public. Ballard became aware of the leak and was able to video Feltzer and the reporter talking together at a bookstore. With the video as leverage against him, Feltzer was forced to clear Ballard of any suspicion of wrongdoing and to have her returned to service almost immediately.


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