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Julia Brasher (b. 1967; d. Jan 2002) was the daughter of Frederick Brasher, a "boot" (rookie cop) with the Los Angeles Police Department, and a native of Bel Air. She was born at Cedars - Sinai Hospital. She had brown eyes and brown hair, generally worn in a tight braid while she was working. She had a tattoo of a rising sun on her back.

She joined the Department late, at the age of 34, after having practiced civil law for some time at her father's law firm and then traveling the world. While with the LAPD, she lived in a small white clapboard bungalow at the corner of Howland and Eastern canals in Venice, CA. She was learning to surf and also enjoyed other adventure sports such as scuba diving and wilderness backpacking.

On 1 January 2002, she and her partner were called to the Laurel Canyon residence of Dr. Paul Guyot who reported that his dog had found a human arm bone. She met Harry Bosch who had responded to the scene. Although it was against departmental policy, she and Bosch began an affair that lasted only a short time.

A week later, Brasher and her partner were backing up Bosch and Jerry Edgar who wanted to interview Johnny Stokes in connection with the murder of Arthur Delacroix. Stokes ran and Brasher pursued him into the underground parking area of the La Brea Park Apartments. Brasher accidentally shot herself when she reached for her cuffs with her service weapon.

NOTE: In the book City of Bones She was pronounced dead on arrival at Queen of Angels Hospital. The department determined that she had accidentally shot herself while returning her weapon to her holster, and she was given a funeral with full honors. The next day she was interred at Hollywood Memorial Park, and her funeral was attend by Bosch, Dr. Carmen Hinojos, Asst. Chief Irvin Irving, Dr. Teresa Corazon, the Commander of the Police Academy, and other high-ranking officials from the LAPD. She was given a motorcycle procession, honor guard, helicopter flyover, and a twenty-one-gun salute by seven members of her rookie class. In the Bosch television series, her vest stopped the bullet and she returned to work soon after. This difference between the t.v. series and the book has been a major point of confusion for many people.



Brasher is played by Annie Wersching in the 2015 streaming series Bosch.