Julio Muniz is a freelance videographer who lives in the Topanga Canyon area of Los Angeles. His job involves monitoring the police radio transmissions, then going to the scene of incidents to get video which he can sell to television stations. On the day of the murder of Mitzi Elliot and Johan Rilz , Muniz was the first media person to arrive at the scene. He obtained footage showing Walter Elliot being placed in the back seat of L.A. County Sheriff's vehicle Four-Alpha. In the trial he testified that he had seen this same car, Four-Alpha, in the Calabasas area about eight hours earlier in an incident involving Eli Wyms. Muniz's videos and testimony strongly supported the testimony of Dr. Shamiram Arslanian  that gunshot residue on Walter Elliot came by tranference from Wyms to the car seat and then to Elliot.

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