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Julius "Edge" Edgewood is an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department, and the former partner of Julia Brasher.

On 1 January 2002, he and Brasher were called to the Laurel Canyon residence of Dr. Paul Guyot after Guyot reported that his dog had found a human arm bone. A few days later, Edgewood and Brasher were asked to back up Harry Bosch and Jerry Edgar who wanted to pick up Johnny Stokes for questioning. Stokes eluded the police until he was cornered by Brasher, at which time she shot herself, apparently by accident. While Stokes was handcuffed and lying on the ground, Edgewood kicked him viciously in the torso, probably breaking several ribs.

At Brasher's funeral the next day Edgewood apologized to Bosch for kicking Stokes and thanked Bosch for not reporting the incident to higher-ups.

Later, when Stokes was located in the Hotel Usher, Edgewood shot and killed Stokes. Although there is no definitive evidence, it appears that Edgewood shot first and then planted a gun in Stokes' hand and fired it twice to make his actions appear justified.


In the 2014 streaming series Bosch, Edgewood is played by co-star Deji LaRay. He is a recurring character throughout the series. He is initially the supervising officer for Julia Brasher. From the second season onwards he is partnered with Officer Ray Powers. Edgewood is involved in the fatal shooting of Miguel Vasquez which is a cause of political controversy.