Katherine "Kate" Kincaid (d. April 1999) was the wife of Sam Kincaid, the daughter-in-law of Jackson Kincaid, and the mother of Stacey Kincaid. Prior to the murder of Stacy, the family lived in Brentwood. Later they moved to The Summit, an exclusive gated community off Mulholland.

After her daughter was killed, initially believed the police version which was that Michael Harris was the killer. Later she began to doubt Harris' guilt, and her suspicions turned to her husband. She sent four anonymous notes to Howard Elias giving him clues to the identity of the real killer.

In April of 1999, she shot and killed her husband and his chief of security after confronting her husband and getting him to confess that both men and had molested and killed her daughter and would never stand trial for it. The next morning, she met with LAPD detective Harry Bosch to tell him the true story of Stacey's death, after which she committed suicide by gunshot in her daughter's old bedroom of the Brentwood house.


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