Kendall Roberts (b. 1973) is a resident of Vista Del Monte in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles. In the 1990's she worked as a prostitute and was an associate of Gloria Dayton and Trina Rafferty. All three women were heavy drug users at the time and were associated with drug dealer Hector Arrande Moya. When Dayton moved away in 2005, Roberts decided to go straight as well. With the support of a friend and former client, she opened a yoga studio named Flex on Ventura Boulevard. In November 2012 she was interviewed by Mickey Haller and Cisco regarding her past association with Dayton and Moya. It was Roberts who told Haller about Rafferty, whom he had never heard of previously.

After talking a couple of times, Roberts and Haller became attracted to each other. Haller began staying overnight at her house, and she began attending the La Cosse trial. After the conclusion of the trial, she and Haller took a trip to Hawaii.


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