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Kurt Dockweiler was a former Police Officer turned criminal. As an LA County Deputy Sheriff he worked at the Wayside Honor Rancho. In 2005 or 2006 he came to the San Fernando Police Department. Around 2011 his position was eliminated due to budget cuts, but he was able to continue working for the city in the Code Enforcement unit. While working Code Enforcement his latent criminal tendencies were actualized. He raped four women over a four year period in San Fernando after targeting them by means of his code inspections. He always wore some kind of mask but did not use a condom. He used a special knife, a TitaniumEdge. He was known by the police as the Screen Cutter.

In October 2016, SFPD Detectives Bella Lourdes and Harry Bosch began to get closer to identifying him, and he became nervous. He abducted and raped Lourdes, then hid her in an underground bunker that he had constructed under his garage. Bosch realized that Dockweiler was the Screen Cutter. The police descended on Dockweiler's home in Saugus and arrested him. However, while he was being questioned he managed to get to a hidden gun. Dockweiler was then shot and seriously wounded by Bosch. He survived but was probably paralyzed. He would be prosecuted by Dante Corvalis on multiple counts of rape, abduction, and attempted murder of a police officer.


Dockweiler appears in the series as a building inspector and he is portrayed by Will Chase in the Amazon Freevee spin-off "Bosch: Legacy" (recently rebranded from IMDb TV).