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Leo Renfro (d. 1999) was the stepbrother of Max Freeling, and a criminal middle-man who connects clients with executors. He lived on Citron Street in the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Tarzana, Los Angeles, and often uses the alias of D. H. Reilly.

In late 1999, he arranged for Cassie Black to take part in a heist at the Cleopatra Casino and Resort. A few days later, he was tracked by Jack Karch, who cornered Renfro in his office and demanded the money from the Cleo heist. When Renfro refused to acknowledge that he had the money, Karch shot out both of Leo's knees, at which point Renfro through himself into a plate-glass door, cutting his own throat to hasten his death.

Karch reacted by shooting Renfro in the face, killing him instantly.