Lily Price (b. 1970; d. 1989) was the daughter of Bill Price and his wife, of Dayton Ohio. Lily was a resident of Voyage Street in Los Angeles, having come to California for college.

On a Sunday afternoon in 1989 she was raped and strangled with a belt. There was little evidence and her murder was not solved at that time. By the Fall of 2011, her cold-case had been assigned to Open-Unsolved Unit detectives Adriana Dolan and Ross Shuler who found a small blood specimen in the file. They sent the specimen to the regional crime lab for DNA analysis. On October 3rd of that year, a cold hit came back identifying DNA from the blood as belonging to Clayton Pell. Because Pell was only 8 years old in 1989, cross-contamination was suspected, and the case was reassigned to David Chu and Harry Bosch. Their investigation revealed that she had been killed by Chilton Hardy.


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