Lisa Trammel (b. 1976) was Mickey Haller's first foreclosure client. She is separated from her husband, Jeffrey, and has a son, Tyler. Lisa and Tyler lived in a house on Melba Avenue in Woodland Hills. She taught Social Studies at Grant High School but lost that job due to absenteeism. In personality she is highly excitable, possibly bipolar, but can also be very determined and cunning.

The mortgage on her home was sold to WestLand Financial, a subsidiary of WestLand National Bank. When Lisa's husband left and she lost her teaching job, she was unable to keep up the payments on the house. The mortgage contained a balloon payment which only made matters worse. When Westland initiated foreclosure, she hired Haller to represent her. She also became an activist, starting up and Foreclosure Litigants Against Greed (FLAG). She held public protests at the headquarters of Westland which led to a Restraining Order prohibiting her from being in the vicinity of the building. She then took her protests to the Van Nuys Courthouse.

In early 2011 Mitchell Bondurant, Sr. Vice President of Westland, was murdered in the parking structure of the company's building. Lisa was the obvious suspect. She was picked up at her home, questioned and then arrested by detectives Howard Kurlen and Cynthia Longstreth. She contacted Haller to represent her in the murder case although she had no money to pay him. In lieu of payment, Haller had her sign an agreement giving him the right to market any book or movie rights resulting from the case. However, a Hollywood sleazeball named Herbert Dahl covered her bail ($200k against a bond of $2 million from Liberty Bail Bonds).

Trammel insisted that she was innocent and would not consider a plea deal. The case against her was largely circumstantial except for one witness, Margo Schafer, who said she saw Trammel walking away from the bank during the time frame that the murder occurred (8:30 to 8:50 am). However, when she testified in her own defense she was forced to admit to some damaging posts on her Facebook page. In the end, enough doubt was injected into the case to get Trammel acquitted by the jury

After the trial Haller realized that Trammel had actually killed Bondurant. She had sent the two thugs who beat Haller, and she may have killed her husband. She anticipated being arrested for her husband's murder and asked Haller to represent her again. He declined.

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