Lorna Taylor is the second ex-wife of Mickey Haller, whom she still works for as his case manager. They were friends for 15 years before they wed, with the marriage lasting only a year. Haller describes her as a "stunner" with blonde hair and entrancing eyes. She is also a highly competent case manager, accountant, and legal assistant to Haller. Since Haller works out of his car, Taylor's condo on Kings Road in West Hollywood has most often been the closest thing to an office for the law firm.

After her divorce from Haller she began dating private investigator Dennis Wojciechowski. By 2007 they were living together and planned to marry by November of that year. During the year that Haller was not working he kept paying her so that he wouldn't lose her when he was ready to return to work.

In February 2010 when Haller was asked to serve as special prosecutor in the Jason Jessup case, he asked Lorna to find office space because he didn't think it was appropriate for a prosecutor to work out of his car. She got him an office on the second floor of the Bradbury Building, but he spent very little if any time there.


Taylor was played by Pell James in the 2011 film.


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