Lt. Robert Olivas is commander of the LAPD Robbery-Homicide unit. Little is known of his background or personal life. In 2015 while supervising Reneé Ballard he made unwelcome sexual advances toward her, implying that her career advancement could be helped or hindered by how she responded to him. It was not an idle threat. Ballard filed a grievance against Olivas but he was cleared. He then engineered her transfer from RHD to the night shift at Hollywood.

When the 2017 murders at Dancers nightclub occurred, Lt. Olivas led the investigation. He repeatedly warned Ballard to stay away from the case. She did not heed his warnings. However, when she brought him irrefutable evidence that Detective Rogers Carr was the killer, he believed her and together they arrested Carr. Following Carr's arrest Olivas praised her work and even offered her the opportunity to come back to RHD, which she declined.


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