Luther Hatch (b. 1955) was a gardener in North Hollywood Los Angeles in the early 1990s. He served nine years in Folsom Prison from 1980 to 1989 for a rape conviction.

He killed a girl during the summer of 1992, and another during the summer of 1993. The second victim's body was dumped at Vasquez Rocks in the Antelope Valley area. She had been strangled. Jaye Winston was lead investigator, and she asked the FBI for assistance. Terry McCaleb linked the two cases, prepared a profile of the killer and suggested that both the disposal sites and graves of the two victims be monitored. The graves of both victims happened to be in the same Glendale cemetery. This led to the identification of Hatch at the cemetery on the fifth night of surveillance. Between killings, he would visit the graves of his victims and masturbate, earning him the media nickname the Cemetery Man.

Hatch was arrested three weeks later by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in March of 1994 while attempting to kidnap a young woman from the Sherman Oaks Galleria.


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