Marc Courier (b. 1986) was "a gifted hacker and vicious troll," and an employee of Western Data Consultants in Mesa, Arizona from 2006 until May of 2009. He lived in WDC's warehouse

Before moving to Arizona, Courier lived in Illinois, where he was arrested on two felony counts of fraud (identity theft) in 2006. He fled the state before the trial, and was personally scouted and recruited into Western Data by Wesley Carver. In Arizona he assumed the name Freddy Stone and he then teamed with Carver to carry out several sadistic, sexually motivated murders of women. He murdered or assisted in murdering Sharon Oglevy, Denise Babbit, Angela Cook, and Declan McGinnis.

Under direction from Carver, Courier attempted to kill Jack McEvoy but failed. He then attempted to abduct Rachel Walling but again failed. This led to a fight with McEvoy on the twelfth floor of the Mesa Verde Inn, resulting in Courier being thrown to his death in the stairwell. His true identity was determined by fingerprints from WDC's handprint scanner.


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