Martin (d. 1999) was a security guard at the Cleopatra Casino and Resort in the late-1990s.

He was also an associate of Joey Marks and the Chicago Outfit, and reported back to Marks on high-stakes players who could be marked for robbery. Prior to September of 1996, he worked at the Golden Nugget, but when Marconi's operation was taken down by an FBI task force, Martin went to work for Vincent Grimaldi at the Cleopatra, while still maintaining his connection to the Chicago Outfit. At that time he reported to Marks's replacement, Tony Turcello.

In late 1999, Martin was directed by Grimaldi to assist Cassie Black in robbing Manuel Hidalgo in room 2014 of the Cleo. Again following Grimaldi's orders, he killed Hidalgo immediately after the robbery. Several days later he was acting as bodyguard for Grimaldi when he was shot and killed by Jack Karch.


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