Meredith Roman (b. 9 Oct 1930; d. Apr 1994) was a prostitute, a resident of El Rio Apartments, and an associate of Johnny Fox and Marjorie Lowe in the 1950s and early 1960s.

In early 1961, Fox attempted to set Roman up with Los Angeles prosecutor Arno Conklin, but the two never clicked. She later became jealous when Fox set up Conklin and Lowe on 17 March 1961 and Conklin fell for Lowe immediately. On the night of 27 October 1961, Lowe returned to El Rio and informed Roman that Conklin had proposed to her, and that the two were driving to Las Vegas to get married the next day. Roman flew into a rage and fought with Lowe, striking her in the head hard enough to kill her with blunt-force trauma.

Meredith then called Fox around four o'clock in the morning at a card game, and the two disposed of Lowe's body in an alleyway in Hollywood, staging the scene to look like a sex crime. She was later interviewed by LAPD vice detective Claude Eno, lying that she had been injured when Fox had beaten her. A week later, she left Hollywood for Long Beach and changed her name to Katherine.

In 1971, she married a man somewhat older than her, and the couple eventually moved back to Los Angeles. In December of 1989, after the death of her husband, she sent a Christmas card to Lowe's son Harry. In April of 1994, she received a visit from Bosch, who interviewed her regarding her knowledge of the night that Marjorie had died. At that time, she claimed that his mother had gone to a party to meet Arno Conklin and that she had withheld the name from Eno in 1961.

After Bosch left, Meredith wrote him a letter admitting her guilt, then committed suicide with a shot of vodka and a bottle of sleeping pills.


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