Michael Connelly (b. 21 July 1956, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an author of detective novels, notably those featuring LAPD Detective Harry Bosch, named after the Dutch painter of fantasy and horror. The Black Echo, the first book featuring Bosch, won the Mystery Writers of America's Edgar Award for Best First Novel in 1992.

Connelly has written other books outside the Bosch series, though each has later been linked to the continuity of Bosch's world, as well as the series, about Bosch's half-brother, Los Angeles attorney Mickey Haller. Blood Work was made into a 2002 movie directed by and starring Clint Eastwood. In 2006, The Lincoln Lawyer was selected as one of ten books to feature in Richard & Judy's televised book club, and was adapted into a film starring Matthew McConaughey as Haller.

Connelly is a graduate of the University of Florida, where he earned a bachelor's degree in journalism in 1980. After graduation, he worked as a journalist in Daytona Beach, Florida and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In 1986 he co-authored an article which was later short-listed for the Pulitzer Prize. Consequently, Connelly was offered a job as a crime reporter for the Los Angeles Times. Connelly has also written for television, co-creating the television series Level 9 for UPN with John Sacret Young and penning two episodes: "Mail Call" and "DefCon." In the Fall of 2013, Connelly co-scripted the pilot episode of Bosch along with Eric Overmyer. He later co-wrote the teleplays for four episodes of the first season – "`Tis the Season" and "Lost Light" (with Overmyer), "Fugazi" (with George Pelecanos), and "Us and Them" (with Terrill Lee Lankford) – and the final episode of the second season – "Everybody Counts" (with Lankford).

Bibliography[edit | edit source]

# Novel Published Series
1 The Black Echo 1992 Harry Bosch #1
2 The Black Ice 1993 Harry Bosch #2
3 The Concrete Blonde 1994 Harry Bosch #3
4 The Last Coyote 1995 Harry Bosch #4
5 The Poet 1996 Jack McEvoy #1
6 Trunk Music 1997 Harry Bosch #5
7 Blood Work (film) 1998 Terry McCaleb #1
8 Angels Flight 1999 Harry Bosch #6
9 Void Moon 2000 Cassie Black #1
10 A Darkness More Than Night 2001 Harry Bosch #7
Terry McCaleb #2
11 City of Bones 2002 Harry Bosch #8
12 Chasing the Dime 2002 Henry Pierce #1
13 Lost Light 2003 Harry Bosch #9
14 The Narrows 2004 Harry Bosch #10
15 The Closers 2005 Harry Bosch #11
16 The Lincoln Lawyer (film) 2005 Mickey Haller #1
Crime Beat 2006 non-fiction
17 Echo Park 2006 Harry Bosch #12
18 The Overlook 2007 Harry Bosch #13
19 The Brass Verdict 2008 Mickey Haller #2
20 The Scarecrow 2009 Jack McEvoy #2
21 9 Dragons 2009 Harry Bosch #14
22 The Reversal 2010 Mickey Haller #3
23 The Fifth Witness 2011 Mickey Haller #4
Suicide Run 2011 short story collection
Angle of Investigation 2011 short story collection
24 The Drop 2011 Harry Bosch #15
25 The Black Box 2012 Harry Bosch #16
Mulholland Dive 2012 short story collection
26 The Gods of Guilt 2013 Mickey Haller #5
27 The Burning Room 2014 Harry Bosch #17
28 The Crossing 2015 Harry Bosch #18
Mickey Haller #6
29 The Wrong Side of Goodbye 2016 Harry Bosch #19
Mickey Haller #7
30 The Late Show 2017 Renee Ballard #1
31 Two Kinds of Truth 2017 Harry Bosch #20
Mickey Haller #8
32 Dark Sacred Night 2018 Harry Bosch #21
Renee Ballard #2
33 The Night Fire 2019 Harry Bosch #22
Renee Ballard #3
34 Fair Warning 2020 Jack McEvoy #3
35 The Law of Innocence 2020 Mickey Haller #9
Harry Bosch #23

Awards[edit | edit source]

Connelly has won the following literary awards:

Appearances[edit | edit source]

On 21 September 2009, Connelly appeared as himself in the second season premier of Castle, "Deep In Death." He later made a second appearance on 17 May 2010 in the second season finale, "A Deadly Game," and a third appearance on 11 April 2011 in the third season episode "The Dead Pool"; he later appeared on 11 May 2015 in the seventh season finale, "Hollander's Woods." Connelly has appeared alongside fellow authors James Patterson, Stephen J. Cannell, and Dennis Lehane as one of novelist Richard Castle's poker buddies.

On 6 February 2014, Connelly appeared in a wordless cameo role as an arrested Santa Claus in the pilot episode of the streaming Amazon series Bosch. He also participated in the first episode of the behind-the-scenes podcast series, "The Origins," along with Henrik Bastin, as well as "pod-crashing" the sixth and final episode of the series, "The Suspect," which featured Jason Gedrick.

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