Michael Connelly's plots tend to share common elements:

  • A driven, obsessive hero
  • A detailed, layered plot that is slowly revealed
    • A false ending that seemingly reveals the enemy
    • A final ending that reveals the true enemy who masterminded the entire crime


Connelly's heroes also tend to rely on similar investigative tools:

  • Hypnosis - Connelly's heroes are often trained in the use of hypnosis, or are familiar with its use as an investigative technique.
  • Traps - Rather than prove who committed a crime, Connelly's heroes will often set a trap and see who shows up

Connelly's heroes also tend to share certain characteristics

  • Integrity - Even if they bend the rules or break the law, they have integrity in their relationships with close friends
  • Healthy Disrespect for Authority - Connelly's heroes often struggle with institutional authority
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