Mikail Bolotov (b. 1968) was a Russian émigré living in Canoga Park, Los Angeles. He was 5 ft. 10 in. tall with black hair, pale skin, and large arms covered with tattoos. Bolotov was convicted twice on armed robbery charges and served time in federal prison. He was last released in 1995, after which he began working for Deltona Clocks on Winnetka Avenue.

In February of 1998, he was questioned by Sheriff's detectives Ritenbaugh and Aguilar regarding the murder of James Cordell. He was later questioned by former FBI profiler Terry McCaleb in April of 1998 regarding the murders of Gloria Torres and Chan Ho Kang, at which time he attacked McCaleb and fled. He was a suspect because of his proximity to the location where a gun was stolen that matched the murder weapon in the Torres/Kang case. McCaleb later determined that it could not have been the same gun, and Bolotov was no longer a suspect.


In the 2002 film, Bolotov's name was spelled Mikhail Bolotov, and he was played by Igor Jijikine.


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