Agent Milton was an investigator with the United States Department of Homeland Security, and the partner of Agent Carney.

In October of 2002, he and his partner interrogated and intimidated former LAPD detective Harry Bosch. They later did the same with Lawton Cross, a paraplegic, temporarily cutting off his oxygen supply. The incident was captured by a surveillance camera planted by Bosch who then emailed the video to FBI Special Agent John Peoples. Milton was terminated from his job in exchange for Bosch's promise to not make the video public. Milton decided to take retribution on Bosch. He broke into Bosch's house and hid in the hall closet. When Bosch returned home, Milton assaulted him with the intent to kill him.

Unfortunately for Milton, he was unaware that Linus Simonson and his partners had tailed Bosch to his house and were intending to kill him. When Simonson entered the house the first person he encountered was Milton. Simonson shot Milton with a shotgun at close range, and he was killed almost immediately. This was followed by a wild shootout involving Bosch and Simonson's gang.


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