Mitchell Bondurant was a Senior Vice President in charge of the home loan division of WestLand National Bank. In that capacity he managed a large number of mortgages. In the financial crisis of 2007-2010 when many homeowners were defaulting on their mortgages, Bondurant turned over the foreclosure processing to a firm known as ALOFT. One of the mortgages handled in this way was held by Lisa Trammel and her husband.

When Trammel began publicly protesting the foreclosure action, Bondurant refused to speak with her. However, he did write a letter to Louis Opparizio of ALOFT informing him of Trammel's allegations and stating that some action would need to be taken. Bondurant may have been expressing a sincere concern or he may have been subtly asking for a cut of the action. On 13 December 2010 he spoke with a representative of LeMure which was in the process of acquiring ALOFT. The substance of their conversation is not known.

In early 2011, Bondurant was murdered in the parking structure of WestLand's building. He had been hit on the head three times with a blunt instrument such as a hammer. There were no witnesses to the killing, but evidence pointed toward Trammel who was arrested and tried for the murder.

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