Patrick "Trick" Henson was a former professional surfer living in Malibu but originally from Melbourne, FL. He was injured in a big wave surf contest at Jaws, Maui. As a result of his injury he became addicted to pain medication and was subsequently convicted of grand theft and drug possession. He hired Jerry Vincent to represent him in court. While awaiting trial he completed rehab at Crossroads clinic in Antigua, and he was attempting to support himself as a surf instructor. He was behind in his payments to Vincent who was using various stalling tactics to avoid going to trial until Henson could come up with more money. 

When Mickey Haller took over Vincent's cases, Haller hired Henson as his new driver. He agreed to pay him $15 per hour plus another $15 an hour credit against his legal fees. Haller also offered to let Henson stay in his guest bedroom, since Henson was homeless. Haller was able to get Henson cut loose dropped by requesting an appraisal of a necklace that Henson had stolen. An appraisal would have revealed that the value of the necklace was grossly inflated, which the owner of the necklace did not want. In view of Henson's successful rehab and new job with Haller, and to avoid embarrassment to the necklace owner, the prosecutor withdrew all charges.  

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