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Dr. Paul Guyot is a general practitioner who lives on Wonderland Avenue in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles.

Guyot retired from his practice in 2001, and is a neighbor of Victor Ulrich.

On 1 January 2002, Guyot's dog, Calamity, found a bone that Guyout identified as the humerus of a child. His call to the police was answered by officers Edgewood and Brasher, who conveyed the call to LAPD detective Harry Bosch. Bosch arrived at Guyot's residence by 4:38pm, and was led by him into the wooded hillside behind the house where Bosch found more bones that he identified the finger bones of a child's hand.

After Bosch slipped and fell into a tree on his way back down the hillside, Guyot treated the detective for abrasions and cracked ribs.

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